2020 - Celebrating 150 Years - Today

Seufert Construction is celebrating being in business for 150 Years! 


The BIG Move

After 148 years of operating out of the same building, Seufert Construction moves about a half mile North of its historic location to 2125 Main Street. The new facility features a remodeled office space & top of the line warehouse space for the operation of the construction company's 50 employees.


Scott Tretter and Brian Tretter Purchase Seufert Construction

Scott Tretter and Brian Tretter purchase the remainder of the company from Kevin Tretter and Mike Kluesner and continue to operate the company in the tradition of their predecessors by providing unparalleled quality construction and excellent customer service. 


Pat Tretter's Sons Buy Into Company

Pat Tretter's Sons, Kevin, Scott and Brian, buy into the company and become equal owners with Mike Kluesner.  The team of four continue to expand the company on the same premise and principles that Mike and Pat set forth. 


Mike Kluesner Becomes Sole Owner of Seufert Construction

Following the untimely passing of Pat Tretter, Mike Kluesner becomes sole owner of Seufert Construction.


Pat Tretter and Mike Kluesner Purchase 100% of Company Stock

Pat Tretter and Mike Kluesner, both employees of Wayne Seufert, purchase 100% of the company's stock.  Over the next 13 years, Pat and Mike focus their efforts on growing the construction business by providing high quality commercial and industrial building services. 


Wayne E. Seufert & Associates is Formed

Leo's son, Wayne, joined the company after earning a degree in engineering.  Wayne later became sole owner/operator and also formed the engineering firm, Wayne E. Seufert & Associates. 


Leo Seufert Acquires Sole Ownership

Leo Seufert acquires sole ownership of the company and the business continues growing in the direction of general contracting, construction and supplies.  Meanwhile, the monument branch of the building is discontinued. 


The Beginning of Benedict Seufert

Builder and artistic stone mason Benedict Seufert begins producing hand-carved ornamental grave markers.


Benedict Seufert Turns Company Over

Benedict Seufert turns the family business over to his sons: Leo, Albert and Edward.  The newly formed company is named Seufert Brothers and expands from the monument business to include construction of bridges, schools, gymnasiums and industrial buildings.