Mitchell Auxiliary gym

Seufert Construction selected as general contract for Mitchell Community Schools Auxiliary Gym

March 2, 2022 Seufert Construction has been selected as the General Contractor for the Mitchell Community Schools Auxiliary Gym project. Designed by VPS Architecture, the expansive sports facility will be a great improvement and resource for local student-athletes for generations. "Our obvious goal is to give our kids at Mitchell greater opportunities, this is also for the City of Mitchell." according to MCS Superintendent Dr. Brent Comer. "This is our way of paying back a community that has been so tremendously supportive of the schools for a long, long time."

Initially, the plan was to construct a new gym near Mitchell Junior High and Mitchell High Schools which could be used for physical education classes for middle schoolers, who currently are using a nearby gym, which is considered a safety risk by many as students are required to cross traffic to get there. Comer said the district also wanted to upgrade some of its athletic facilities, specifically for the baseball and softball programs, in which he wanted to provide an indoor space. Eventually, it was realized the most cost-effective option was to combine ideas, creating one catch-all athletics facility for everyone's benefit.

The 34,500 square foot building will include a weight-room, a dedicated wrestling room with padded walls and floors, three basketball courts with multi-purposed wood-flooring which can be separated with drop-down nets, a multi-sport floor area with netting available for indoor golf, baseball, softball and basketball practices and an indoor track on a second level. During school days, the building will be used for both P.E. classes for the middle and high schools and in the evenings it will be used for athletics practices and events.

Seufert Construction will be utilizing local subcontractors and well as national suppliers throughout this project and will also be working on the construction and development of a new Astroturf football field, concession stand and restroom building for Mitchell High School.

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