Monastery Guest House Renovation

Ferdinand, IN
Engineer / Architect
Seufert Construction
Contract Type
  • Design/Build
Key Features
  • Complete two-story renovation
  • 11 guest rooms with kitchen & dining area
  • Added an elevator for access to 2nd floor
  • Improved concrete sidewalks & aluminum railing for exterior courtyard
Seufert Construction partnered with the Sisters of St. Benedict on this design/build project to remodel a section of the historic Monastery to house visitors in a new 4,200 Sq. Ft. guest house area.

Working directly with the sisters, we met their needs & budget on this design/build project, adding an elevator to access the 2nd floor & also completing the 11 guest rooms each with a bathroom. Also included in the renovation was a group kitchen & dining area for their visitors and improvements to the courtyard with new sidewalks and aluminum hand railing.

Kimball hub entry complete
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